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Published: 19th March 2012
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The state of Florida located in the south-east of the United States is bordered by the states of Alabama and Georgia in the north, by the Gulf of Mexico in the west, the Atlantic Ocean in the east, and the Straits of Florida and the Caribbean islands in the south. It is the 4th mostly populated state. Tallahassee is the state capital and the largest city in Florida is Jacksonville. Florida has the longest coastline measuring approximately 1,350 miles or 2,170 kilometers. Owing to its long and varied coastline, Florida homes several attractive beaches which are great tourist destinations. Florida beaches are very well known for their soft sands, and with more than 100 barrier islands, the sea shores home over 400 species of the most exotic and multi-colored sea-shells (scallops, tulips, clams, olives, fragile paper fig shells, brown speckled Junonia, etc), including the best sea-shelling related activities in the United States. The beaches are also great for relaxation and enjoying some serious fun during the spring break - the sand, sea, and the beach promise some exiting party time.

Florida – Popular tourist attractions and exiting things to do
Florida also known as the “Sunshine State” is visited by 75 million visitors every year and is one of the top ten travel destinations of the world. The state includes over 1250 golf courses, more than 20 theme parks, 17 zoos, and many water parks. The warm weather and good sunshine with palm trees adorning the sea shores and ocean fronts make Florida an enchanting paradise on earth. Some of the popular tourist destinations and things to do in Florida include:

Universal Studios Theme Park
The theme park homes over 50 rides and tourist attractions which invite close to 6 million tourists every year.You can experience and feel what it is like going behind the scenes of your favorite TV movies and shows at the Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. The studios offer genuine film production and working facilities including the movie sets, shows, a variety of rides, and many other tourist attractions which promise nonstop fun and excitement for the entire family.

Sea World Florida
SeaWorld in Orlando, Florida has one of the biggest aquariums and animal exhibits section in the world. It presents spectacular shows featuring some of the world’s most talented mammals. It also hosts thrilling roller coaster rides enjoyed by kids and families alike. The SeaWorld contributes significantly to the marine environment through its conversation efforts and breeding programs. It educates people regarding the importance of marine life by undertaking adventure and career camps.

Busch Gardens Tampa Florida
The gardens are home to over 2,700 animals living in specially created habitat similar to Nairobi, Egypt, Timbuktu, and Stanleyville regions in Africa. Once can see these animals by taking a safari-style tour depicting re-modeled areas of the Dark Continent.

Kennedy Space Center
The NASA Kennedy Space Center is the number one destination for tourists visiting Florida. The unique historical complex is impressive and a “must see” for all visitors. State of the art IMAX theaters offer a shuttle launch experience that is an unforgettable experience for the small and grown-ups alike.

Vacation rentals in Florida
A vacation rental means letting out privately owned semi or fully furnished apartments or homes to guests and visitors in lieu of traditional hotels and hotel rooms on a temporary basis. Vacation rentals generally include holiday homes and properties owned as “second homes” by individuals who desire to earn some extra income from their assets. Since any type of personally owned dwelling can be offered for rent, vacation rentals can include a variety of accommodations ranging from economical budget studio apartments to expensive private villas. Typically rentals consist of holiday rental packages offering condominiums, holiday cottages, townhomes, single-family-style homes, and even working farms for a limited period of vacancy. Vacation or holiday rentals in Florida offer several advantages over hotel stay:

Since the properly is owned privately by individuals, holiday homes in Florida are situated in various counties and sea beaches along the coast. This offers many staying options to renters who plan to go in for vacation rental homes rather than rent a hotel room in a city.

Vacation houses for rent in Florida offer similar, and in some cases more amenities as compared to those offered by popular hotels and resorts at a fraction of the cost. This makes Florida rental homes an ideal choice for visitors who desire to stay for more time and have limited travelling budget.

People who desire to opt for luxury accommodations can also avail holiday rentals which offer private beaches, boats and wate equipment, chefs, cuisine, private staff and employees, and even air conditioned living rooms at down-to-earth prices.

For individuals and families travelling on a light budget, several economical rentals particularly condominiums and apartments offer services similar to those found in hotels and resorts like front desk check-in, housekeeping, 24-hour maintenance, concierge service, etc. This ensures they can enjoy a comfortable stay including the amenities without paying high hotel charges.

Sports lovers and adventure seekers can rent cabins and motor homes in mountain regions, ocean fronts, and other places which don’t have any hotels or alternate accommodations.

Beach rental properties in Florida are much sought after options for families intending to stay for longer time and enjoy the sea side to the fullest.

Searching for Florida vacation rentals
There are various ways by which one can search for holiday rentals in Florida. TV advertisements and newspapers promote holiday stay in various parts of Florida and even offer economic accommodations to vacationers. One can also go through real estate magazines and periodicals advertising Florida rentals. One of the best methods to search for houses for rent in Florida is to search online and visit real estate and property rental sites which offer attractive rental deals. One does not have to spend time and money by visiting the travel and tour offices in person – the required information can be obtained freely and quickly without leaving your home or office. Check out the portals and sites advertising rental property which offer the kind of rental package you need, and find out what rates are offered by the package. It’s very important to decide and confirm the rental rates and the stay-in-period to avoid unwanted surprises often leading to higher staying costs and expensive accommodations. Once you decide upon your rental option, it is required to fill up an online booking form to book and confirm your stay. Make sure you get your online booking receipt and payment confirmation note from your Credit Company or bank. You can avail any type of vacation rental in Florida which suits your budget and travelling options if you plan and book your stay in the proper manner through trusted agents and online booking sites and agents.

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